Given the wide array of ‘allowable’ posts on this blog, the views and opinions expressed herein are primarily that of the individual contributors and are in no way reflective of the policies and principles of Partners with Melanesians, its board of directors or any other group affiliated with PwM.

In saying that, while every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented herein, Partners with Melanesians are in no way responsible for any error found within this blog as they are the personal effort of the respective contributors.

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise stated, all material published here remain the sole property of the contributors as their respective copyrighted work. No part thereof may in any way be reproduced, reprinted, copied or transmitted in any form using technologies now known or hereafter invented, without prior written consent from the authors and/or producers. However, if the need arises for the use of any information found in this blog then appropriate measures should be taken to reference the information source.

Plagiarism is regarded with contempt and is neither encouraged nor condoned.

The Administrator
Partners In Conservation

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