Partners With Melanesians (PWM) is a non-profit making national NGO involved in conservation and eco-friendly community development programmes in Papua New Guinea.

From its conception in 1984 as an idea by academics from the University of Papua New Guinea to assist in education initiatives in rural communities of PNG, it has grown to be the fully fledged conservation-oriented organisation it is today, working in community mobilizing and community development in the country.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

From the very onset, it has been PWM’s commitment to establish, coordinate and promote the work of community members and partner organisations in ensuring that a society reaches a stage where it can be self-reliant by embarking on more sustainable alternative development ventures; and promote education for its members while encouraging equal participation – irrespective of gender, age and social boundaries in its developmental process.

While doing that, care is taken in ensuring there is zero interference to that society’s traditions, religious and cultural beliefs and practises.

This directly complements PWM’s core belief of having full and equal participation from all members of the community in the development process, which in turn has to conform to traditional best practises to ensure sustainability.

It is envisaged that developmental goals achieved through such a process will not only benefit all and sundry, but as participants, the people will see themselves as benefactors in development rather than mere spectators and recipients.

Project Site1: The Managalas Conservation Area Project (MCAP).

Situated 600-1000 meters above sea level, the Managalas Plateau is roughly 300,000 hectares of very diverse vegetation located south west from the township of Popondetta, between the Owen Stanley and the Sibium Range.

Apart from traditional foot-tracks, a single made-for-4WD road and 2 airstrips are the only link to urban PNG for more than 16,000 people (150 clan groups). This greatly hinders regular trade and denies the largely subsistence population access to basic government services.

Initially established 24 years ago as a literacy project, its main aim has since shifted to conservation and promotion of developmental initiatives with assistance from donors, especially the Rainforest Foundation of Norway (RFN). This contributes to the main goal of having this area declared as a Conservation Area.

Project Site2: Proposed Lembena Conservation Area Project (MCAP).

This project site is located in the Wapi LLG of Kompiam district in the Enga province, right within the border area of Enga, Madang and East Sepik Provinces.

... yet to be updated ...

Project Site3: Ona Keto Reforrestation Programme

... yet to be updated ...


PWM project sites throughout the country

PWM's main project sites throughout Papua New Guinea


4 Responses to “Partners with Melanesians, Inc.”

  1. Eliuda Pilake Says:

    I have an Interest in joining your team of experts should you have any available job opening.

  2. Joash Paul Says:

    I am very interesting about your programs and have high ambition to be part of the organization. Therefore I would be very happy if any space available for me to apply.Thanks

  3. Kasbeth Evei Says:

    Do, PwM translate environmental documents to Tok Pisin? Please reply ASAP.

  4. Moses Kerry Says:

    we are very interested to work in partnership with the organization who share our common interest and goals. please let us know of your response so we can provide you our full profile and documentation. Thank you.

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